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Costume Build learning program Beginner - Intermediate

$499.00 USD

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I've been teaching and helping folks with Halloween and Cosplay builds for over 20 years. This  intensive is designed to get you from zero to the cosplay Hero you want to be.  Course will be spread out and designed around your skill level and needs.

Learn all the below on your way to building your very first cosplay from the ground up.

- Cosplay/ Con & Halloween event Planning

- Tools of the trade

- Glues ,Adhesives and Cleanup

- Foam , Worbla , 3D Printing

- Attachments , mobility , durability

- Prepping and Painting

- Dos and Donts

- Prepping for Con Day

- Makeup application and options

- Inside look at prosthetics , make up  and much more.

My goal is to have you walk away with one full blown cosplay YOU built under my guidance. For those able to meet in person Photoshoot of you in final form will be provided at no cost.

* additional charges for oversized or complex builds and props may apply

If you're reading this you're way too close...and sexy as hell.
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