- Lets take the best photos you've ever had -

A bold statement. But it's what I intend with every client ......with every session.

Hi my name is Angel , I'm a Stylized Portrait & Headshot photographer based in New York.  My love for beautiful imaging dates back to childhood. Seeing my Uncle turn a handheld device and poof of light into a cherished memory seconds later captured my imagination at an early age. Many years later I pursued this passion as an assistant to high end fashion & catalog photographers , which branched into a modeling phase. I then made a very fun living post-editing images before rediscovering my love of taking photos. Having professional level understanding of being both in front of and behind the camera allows me to connect with you and deliver on our vision like few can.

-So why AntiSocialPictures -

We live in a digital and social media driven culture dependent on the quality of your images. Yet we settle for generic selfies , and hundreds of pictures that you will forget just days after posting... Screw that. I want us to take the best photos you've ever had. Photos that will get you work. Photos that will turn heads. Photos you will want to print & put on your wall. Photos that  you will show off to your friends & family and have them say "Holy crap that's you ?! So let's begin  shall we ? email me here , or on my contact page

If you're reading this you're way too close...and sexy as hell.
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